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Studio IS is a design studio established by Iris Seuren.

Iris Seuren graduated in june 2018, Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in Art, Communication and Design.

Working with living material with a unique property and unique behaviour is recognizable for Iris as a designer.

Beside that the positive effect on the environment is an important contribution.To put more context to this, Iris designs from social environment issues.

An organism is retreived from his ‘natural' habitat and in her work Iris imitates that habitat in an other form so this organism can stay alive. To do so the organism needs help from the outside to keep alive and therefore human needs to take care of it.

Therefor Iris developed a symbiose between human and organism which means they need eachother. By taking the organism temporarily from his habitat she creates an independance and commitment between human and nature. Herewith she develops an added value for nature.The characteristic property and the power source of the organism has a leading role in the design in the end.

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