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The balance between nature and mankind is no longer in balance, even so in China.

Herby becomes clear there is a social problem, namely air pollution. In China people use public oxygen stations where they can inhale pure oxygen for payment.

This is so bizar that I wanted to create a functional portable solution for this problem. Therefore I did research who or what are the biggest oxygenproducers on earth and it turned out to be algae.

Algae are strongly dependent of salty water, enough light en lifespan.

Portability was an important function to me and this is made visable in the form of a (hand)bag. By carrying this bag osygen will be expelled and contributes to better air quality.

It was also important to make the lining of degradable material.

Algae is a product of nature and I wanted to continue the bag in this line so you can give back the overall product to the sea.

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 14.22.35.png
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